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Resolution or No Resolution?

We are in the month of reflection and redemption. It’s that time of year when a lot of us get into a pensive mood, thinking about things we could have done better and things we should start doing. This mood might be voluntary or forced upon us by the excess of ‘New Year Resolutions’ posts or annual appraisal cycle of corporate which adds little to our pockets but more to our mental stress. What should I say about new year resolutions? I think they are as overrated as Valentine’s Day. Largely engineered to increase the sale of gyms and other health centres with full paid and hardly attended memberships.
On days, I am not serial procrastinating, I believe today is the day to make the change because tomorrow never comes and certainly neither, new year. But if you are one of those to whom new year is the motivation to make amends and you are really determined to shake things around you. Let me give you my two cents on changes that may last longer.
Why? Well since everyone is pretending to be a travel blogger these days, what stops me from hopping on to the wagon of my choice! So here you go:

This year I am going to sweat out those extra kilos in the gym!
If you have been saying this to yourself, every time your dress’s zip gets stuck at a trial room or someone points at your every increasing belly, be warned. You know you haven’t been able to get yourself to do it since like years? So what is the guarantee it would happen now? Nor are we Kareena Kapoors, so the thrill of being spotted by paparazzi or getting to wear free or expensive sportswear is out of the question. Plus there is no dearth of larger clothes in the city malls and who doesn’t like the comfort of a loose pair of pajamas?
Since we have safely established that our motivation to change the ‘shape of you’ is extremely low. So what do we do? If you ask me, not that you have any choice now. I’d say have a real conversation with yourself, lower your pedestal and find something that suits you. Treadmill routines can be utterly boring and it won’t make us any less mortal in admitting that. So just like a well-stitched suit, find an exercise that motivates you, be it yoga, circuit training or simply running. Understand if you are a lone wolf or a group motivates you better. Powai has great green stretches and abundant gyms and classes. Explore, experiment and get on.

I am going to have a better work-life balance!
Well, we all mere mortals have been trying to achieve it but just like a carrot hanged in front of a donkey, it always eludes. With the new buzzword of work-life integration, we can only expect more work being integrated into our lives and rarely the vice versa. So what do we do? Well if you ask me, I would be running with double speed from such a lifestyle. But if you are someone who enjoys the adrenaline rush of closing a deal or the experiences that come with constant travelling, well you gotta plan your life better. I am sure most of you do that already. But if you haven’t started, the clock is ticking. After all, no one takes trophies to the grave but only memories. So they better be the best ones ;)

I am going to spend less time on mobile or TV!
In a world of endless scrolling and immense options to watch from, knowing when to stop is becoming increasingly difficult. But if you have been intending on doing it, let me help you with some suggestions. Use the technology against itself. These days there are free applications that will automatically shut the social media apps, once the predefined duration is over. You can even choose to block the apps for certain hours of the day or keep them relaxed on weekends. I personally have found them a great saviour. Go hit your play store and try one of them. If you are a couple, not watching Netflix during dinner time and instead opting for a chilled out conversation is a great pact you both can make together. The good old buddy system never goes out of fashion, even if it's for getting over TV addiction. The options are many. You just need to find what is really doable for you.

One last resolution. This may or may not be in your priority list right now. But it should be. It's a resolution that impacts beyond our personal lives.

Climate Change (Did you say boring…?)
Well, hopefully unlike trump we all are aware that climate change is real and happening. Every day we hear about Delhi but have you noticed the smog clouds that lately surround Powai from time to time? Do you know a 10% water cut in Mumbai has already started until next rains? Did you read that the 7 lakes of Mumbai are being monitored for water levels? Are you aware that Mumbai's garbage dumping grounds are already reaching their limits? The seasonal cycle is already going for a toss. So what can we really do on our own? An initiative to carpool within society or nearby people? Optimizing usage of water in daily activities? Saying no to straw by nariyal paniwala? Every small act when combined can create a huge impact.

So now that I have given you some unsolicited 'gyan', I hope you find it useful. I will see you in this new year, hopefully Instagramming a lot more workout photos or whatever is that you plan to kick-start or let go in the new year!

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